We are local to you. We have sumptuous cuisine, exciting events and pleasant staff who will cater for your every need.

Company associations: Anglers-monthly fishing activities are organized throughout the year, Billiards-This game is available to members and the tables are located in the members bar. Members are always looking for new, interested players, Bingo-organized by the Ladies Auxiliary Committee. It has become very successful and entertaining on the first Friday night of each month, fun starts at 8pm sharp, Bocce-also known as indoor bowls, our beautiful six courts are available to our members. Bocce membership is thriving with regular social games and various inter club competitions. Our Bocce club is affiliated with Bocce Federation of Victoria, Golf-we welcome you to come enjoy a game or two of golf in the company of good friends and we welcome you to organize competitions, Gun Club-clay target shooting. This group competes in inter club championships and have monthly shoots.

Our service: Ladies auxiliary- our friendly group of ladies runs many events within Freccia. Whether its bingo or raffles to name a few, our ladies auxiliary is warm and welcoming. Pensioners’ group- is a large group of people who meet weekly on Tuesdays with a variety of social activities that occur regularly. On the last Tuesday of every month there is a luncheon held with dancing. Bookings are essential